Oconomowoc High School
Class of 1962


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Brown Street School, 1956

Some of these students may be from other classes than the Sixth Grade which fed into OHS62. Please help by identifying anyone you recognize.

FRONT ROW: F-1?, F-2?, F-3?, F-4?
SECOND ROW: Gail Cronce, Marian Nelson, R2-3?, Karen Shannon, R2-5?, R2-6?, Kay Kemnitz
THIRD ROW: R3-1?, R3-2?, R3-3?, R3-4?, R3-5?, Butch Bivens, Jim Scott, R3-8?, R3-9?, R3-10?
BACK ROW: B-1?, B-2?, B-3?, B-4?, Cheryl Martinek, B-6?, B-7?, B-8?, B-9?, Patricia Rettschlag, B-11?, B-12?, Donald Hanrahan (Principal)
Photo donated by Kay Kemnitz Rouse

Okauchee 8th Graders, 1958

FRONT ROW: Ruthanne Strohn, Barbara Thompson, Bonnie Hermening, Barbara Davis, Annette Shaw, Lillian Rolefson,
Diane Drews, Carolyn Jolly, Betty Dowe, Sandera Drews, Susan Koehler, Charlotte Laabs, Susan Smith
MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Pitzner, Peter Kiefert, Sandi Nieman, Nancy Herro, Lucille Peterson, Jean Perry, Susan Stebbins,
Maryalice Ridgewell, Lola Braudt, Bonnie Block, Sharon Lee, Diane Lindsley, Jeanne Elliott, Beverly Chatos,
Dan Paicopulos, Joey Drews, Richard Bloor, Mr. Babinec, Mrs. Lewauk
BACK ROW: Jimmy Pershing, David Wendt, Doug Hamley, Lyman Carlson, John Geittman, Jerry Stamm, Bobby Stoelting,
Dennis Graf, Bob Krambs, Dale Lochel, Harry Beaumont, Bob Tweeden, Dean Mutter, LeRoy Kohnlein
Photo donated by Maryalice Ridgewell Rosenow

Summit School 4th Graders, 1953

FRONT ROW: Barbara Daivs, David Schwartz, Gordon Kemmerling, Barbara Fox,
Richard Schneible, David Peterson, Milly Owens, Gary Vokman
MIDDLE ROW: Harold Hall, Richard Gilbert, Jerome Luttropp, Robert Livingston, Tom Potters
Bill North, David Pabst, Mary North, John Riddle, Gordon Boness
BACK ROW: Richard Williams, Jean Bennett, John Washbish, Mary Rogers, Jerry Thorpe, Lance Reich,
Cappy Furlong, Hollye Preis, Georgia Alexander, Judy Bahr, Mrs. LeMoine
Photo donated by Milly Owens Utech

Summit School 8th Graders, 1958

FRONT ROW: Ronald Schumacher, Petra O'Connor, Beth Bohrman, Barbara Fox, Pat Grannis, Georgia Alexander, Jean Bennett, Milly Owens, Hollye Pries
MIDDLE ROW: Harold Hall, Gordon Boness, Gordon Kemmerling, Martin Nielsen, Robert Livingston, Alan Lehnert?,
Ron Henley, Richard Schneible, Jerome Luttropp, David Peterson, Peter Miller, Gary Volkmann, Mrs. Viola Roark
BACK ROW: Mr. Linford LeMoine, Richard Gilbert, Dana Schneider, Tom Potters, Lance Reich, John Elliott, David Pabst, Cappy Furlong
Photo donated by Milly Owens Utech

The Park Lawn 6th Grade Gang, Spring 1956

Guys: Jeffery Irwin, Richard Humphrey, Ray Heizer, Rich Woboril, Dennis Johnson, Tom LeMoine,
Jim Johnson, Bob Gilpatrick, Terry Esreal, Dale Andrus, Leon Johnson, Richard Sorenson, Rick Wuerl.
Gals: Miss Carderelle, Donna Schilberg, Connie Owen, Patsy Green, Joan Wissbaum, Shyann Janny,
Suzanne Hogan, Sue Niemann, Nancy Andrews, Pat Anderson, Sue Boehm and Elaine McGinn.
Photo donated by Sue Boehm Bonacker

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